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Vanta Ix in-line xrf analyzer

- For automated material analysis.

Accuracy You Can Count On

The Olympus VantaiX in-line X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer automates material analysis and alloy ID on the manufacturing line, delivering instant results for real-time process monitoring and 100% alloy identification (ID). Designed to operate 24/7, the analyzer can be configured to deliver pass/fail results, accurate grade ID, and material chemistry.

• High resolution: ID a range of alloy grades—including light and heavy elements

• Fast, accurate results: the analyzer provides speed, stability, and a high-count rate

• Efficient: features a silicon drift detector (SDD) and the proven Axon Technologyfound in every Vanta analyzer

100% Inspection for Metal Fabrication

For organizations adopting Industry 4.0 practices and 24/7 process control to verify alloys, the Vanta iX analyzer delivers material verification and lot/heat control for bar, billet, tube, and rod manufacturing, as well as machined parts and customized components. Automating your testing with a Vanta iX analyzer adds value to your finished product since you can demonstrate that materials are 100% tested and verified.

For geological processing and mining, the Vanta iX analyzer enables monitoring for core scanning and on-belt analysis with real-time results to monitor process variability and ensure ore grade consistency. During on-belt analysis, the analyzer provides blending verification and process validation of concentrates.

Juha gsm 0400-299660